Teignmouth Town
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This was writte by one of our members after we went to Teignmouth Folk Festival. Any resemblance to real people and events is entirely intentional.

Baker’s Dozen had an idea, way back at the start of the year
To a festival we should go, but Warwick didn’t want us, oh dear oh!!
Won’t you come down, won’t you come down, won’t you come down to Teignmouth Town
Won’t you come down, won’t you come down, won’t you come down to Teignmouth Town

On the ferry, quite exciting. Thunder and lightning, very, very frightening
Stair rods falling just like rain, shades of Priddy. Oh no not again!!

The sun came out and all was well, but what’s that hold up, who can tell,
Squire up ahead phoned to say ‘There’s a big delay, don’t come this way.’

Into the field, no time to lose. Up with the tent and out with the booze.
Merilyn and Ted came, oh what joy, three cheers for a girl and four for a boy.

Had another drink, some food, and song. Got a little merry well it didn’t take long.
Had a little visit from the chap next door. Oh what pleasures lay in store!!

‘May I sing a song for you?’ ‘Yes’ said the Squire ‘please, please do’
‘Well I hope my guitar is up the right way. I’ll make up the words if that’s O.K?’

Things didn’t start too well next day. They sent us on a ferry and we had to pay.
On the gang plank Fred stood and cried, had to be carried, how undignified.

No one at the pub to watch us dance. Could we get a drink? No not a chance.
Landlord busy painting the wall. ‘Don’t stand there!!’ There’s paint on us all.

Dancing wasn’t the best we’ve done, not to worry it’s just for fun.
Mummers playing everywhere but ours is the best so we don’t care.

Showers ran hot, showers ran cold, a seagull perched to SPIT and scold.
Mind where you sit, get ready to duck, you may get more than a little good luck!!

Procession was short, it just seemed long. Some got it right and some got it wrong.
Fountain foaming everywhere, bubbles on the ground and bubbles in the air.

For Merilyn and Ted we had to run through our Christmas play, less a line or two.
A few more songs and a little more booze, then off to the pub our grub to choose.

Went to bed still humming a tune, but Sunday morning came too soon.
Father Abraham seemed a good way to warm us up and start the day.

We almost got our dances right, had a big hit with Tommy’s Delight.
Made the most of Ted with his guitar. Hammed up the Mummers Play and Fred was a star.

Spent a lot of time in a triangle, but was it big or was it small?
Posed for a photo with the Mayor, but only after Donna had combed her hair!!

Could go on and on some more, but this little song is becoming a bore,
So lets just drink to a good weekend and bring this festival to an end.

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