Past events and gallery
About Mr Baker's Dozen Past events and gallery

Here are some of the things Mr Baker's Dozen have done when we have been allowed out to play. Yes, we have done lots of things since 2005, but the quickest way to see them is to view our Flickr stream here.

If you are one of Mr Baker's Dozen, please feel free to send your reminiscences, pictures etc.

Freddy at Teignmouth

Teignmouth 2005
Mumming at Sparsholt

Sparsholt College 2005
Planting trees

Tree-planting ceremony, 21 March 2005
In pub after Carols and Capers

Carols and Capers, December 2004

The Bestival, September 2004
Soggy in the gazebo at Priddy

Priddy Folk Festival 2004

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